Jayson is MOCO’s event guru. You’ll find him all over town proudly wearing his MOCO shirts everywhere he goes. Jayson is a Psych Nurse at Children’s Hospital and always thinking of ways to make things bigger and better. So if you have an event idea, be sure to send him an email or give him a call!
Mr. Salaum known as “Pops” is the man behind the scenes. He manages and coordinates the leagues and keeps us all in check! You can thank him for passing out his out-going personality to all of his children!


MOCO Social Sports started in August of 2007.  We organize sports leagues and social events exclusively to adults (21 and over) in Montgomery County and the surrounding area.  Sports we offer are two-hand touch football, dodge ball, kickball and volleyball.  They are seasonal and all our games are co-ed, mostly held in the Gaithersburg/Germantown area.

Our mission is to give adult residents variety of enjoyment to spend with their leisure time, give them alternatives to be active, meet up with old and new friends and bring the community closer together.

In Fall 2007, we started our co-ed touch football with ten teams and eight teams for dodge ball. All are ready to come back for more!  When you join our league expect to have a great time and notice how easy friendships unfold and blossom in such a short period of time. Anyone 21 and over can join the league.  You may sign up as a team, as a group or as individuals.

Aside from the sports aspect of it, MOCO Social Sports hold premier social events to give everyone a chance to do some networking and let loose.  Our events bring the fun to a whole new level! As we continue to grow, you will see more and more fun things to fill up your calendar with!

Once you experience MOCO Social Sports, you will notice how MOCO is different from other sports leagues in the area. MOCO strives to bring everyone closer together and have you be a part of the “MOCO Fam.” We’re providing you things we enjoy doing which means you will see us, the founders and coordinators of MOCO, on the field and in the court playing and you’ll definitely see us partying in all of our events. It’s the main reason why we started the league! So no, we’re not just the Presidents, we’re also members!!! ;)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to helping you in whatever way we possibly can.

301-377-2941 (Phone Hours: Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm)
NOTE: If you need to contact us during off hours please feel free to email using the general info link above.

MOCO Social Sports

PO Box 2611

Germantown, MD 20874